Ibrahim Forum

The Ibrahim Forum is an annual high-level discussion forum convened around one specific issue of critical importance to Africa that demands committed leadership and sound governance. Each year it takes place in a different African country.

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The Ibrahim Forum:

  • provides a platform for prominent African political and business leaders, representatives from civil society and regional institutions as well as Africa’s international partners to meet to discuss the continent’s most topical issues.
  • is streamed live on the internet to facilitate an interactive discussion with a global audience.
  • aims at going beyond simply stating issues and renewing commitments to having an open and frank discussion around policy changes and priorities for action.
  • is supported by a ‘Facts & Figures’ document, compiled in advance by the Foundation and comprised of a detailed, data-driven analysis of each issue, which forms the basis of an informed and constructive debate.
  • ahead of the Ibrahim Forum, the Foundation convenes African emerging leaders and young professionals for the Now Generation Forum (NGF).
  • the NGF seeks to gather the continent’s majority – its youth – perspectives on the theme discussed at the Ibrahim Forum.

2019 Forum
Africa’s youth: jobs or migration?

The Ibrahim Forum focussed this year on African migrations. Migration, whether referring to voluntary or forced migrants, is currently triggering many emotional and political reactions, especially outside the continent. These are often based on a unilateral approach and a partial knowledge of a key dynamic that has always been part of human history. Hence the interest of an African-led, fact-based, frank and open discussion, de-linked from any partisan agenda. The debate was organised around three sessions. Each session was joined by a representative of the Now Generation Forum, held the day before on the same topic. This ensured that the discussion reflected the expectations and proposals of the continent’s majority: the young people.

We had a diverse line-up of speakers representing civil society, the private sector, multilateral and regional institutions as well as Africa’s major international partners. All sessions were streamed live on the Foundation’s Facebook page and on our website.