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The Foundation produces three flagship research products:

  • Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG). The IIAG dataset is released every two years, accompanied by an Index Report outlining the main findings of the Index, continental, regional and country data, and other resources and analytical tools.
  • African Governance Report. Every other year, the Foundation publishes an annual African Governance Report, utilising the IIAG in relation to a specific topic relevant to African governance, such as Africa’s progress towards its development agendas.
  • Ibrahim Forum Report. The Report is published annually ahead of the Ibrahim Forum at the Foundation’s annual Ibrahim Governance Weekend. It provides the most recent facts, figures and analysis on a specific topic identified as a priority for African governance, such as African migrations, Africa’s youth, urbanisation and agriculture.

The Foundation also works with other organisations to produce joint research products and publishes other research publications briefs and analysis throughout the year.

Key research documents

Latest Forum Report

IIAG latest reports

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Other key documents relating to the Index and Forum can be found in the downloads sections, linked on the right.

COVID-19 analysis

As the COVID-19 context represents a key challenge for African leadership and governance, the Foundation has decided to focus its resources and expertise on providing the data and analysis relevant to address the impact of this crisis.

MIF aims at telling the African story of COVID-19, assessing the continent’s capacity to manage the pandemic, and its economic, political and social impact, including how it affects African citizens.

COVID-19 reports

Research Spotlights on COVID-19

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Research briefs on COVID-19

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Additional research

MIF research for COP28

Forum Report research and analysis

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Post-COP27 analysis

Research briefs

IIAG Research Spotlights

A new format exploring IIAG data and key facts and figures on African governance more in-depth.

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The Foundation also produces research outside of these major products on issues surrounding the focus of the Foundation’s work, including a series of collaborative research papers, intended to provide in-depth analysis and insights on key issues relevant to governance and leadership in Africa, in addition to our main research outputs.


Joint research documents

Other research publications, briefs and analysis

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