Development in Africa


Research and materials addressing key issues on development from an African perspective.

Development has improved year-on-year over the last decade, with more than 90% of Africa’s population living in a country where public services such as health and education are better. Social protections are more extensive, decent housing is on the rise, and governments have made strides in environmental sustainability. However, the fallout from COVID-19 has impacted these trends and education systems, for example, are performing less well.

The Foundation has produced a range of research and materials addressing key issues on development from an African perspective. You can find our resources on this page.


2019 Forum Report

Africa’s youth: jobs or migration?

Download file (PDF)

2019 Governance Report

Agendas 2063 & 2030: is Africa on track?

Download file (PDF)

2015 Facts & Figures

African urban dynamics

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2013 Facts & Figures

Africa Ahead: The Next 50 Years

Download file (PDF)

2012 Facts & Figures

African Youth: fulfilling the potential

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2011 Facts & Figures

African Agriculture: from meeting needs to creating wealth

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Research briefs and papers

Addressing Africa's energy deficit

Climate change, renewables, and gas

Download file (PDF)

Growth without emissions?

Is carbon needed for Africa's development goals & economic growth?

Download file (PDF)

Africa's critical minerals

Africa at the heart of a low-carbon future

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Africa’s green & blue wealth

The continent's central role in a global low-carbon future

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Data stories

External links

In Pursuit of Development podcast

Mo discusses Africa's right to development.

Athens Democracy Forum

Mo's panel discussed the current state of democracy, with Mo pointing out that Africa is entitled to its own decisions and doesn't have to look to the West as a model of effective democracy.

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