Now Generation Network

Welcome to the Now Generation Network

The hub of Africa's most forward-thinking young minds.

Here, we unite to create a future that honours our diverse heritage and potential. The MIF NGN brings together enthusiastic leaders, thinkers, and doers to shape the future of Africa, together.

Becoming a part of NGN is more than joining a network; it's about being part of a movement. With tiered membership options, you can engage at a level that resonates with your commitment and passion.

Details of how to join will be made available in the coming weeks.

What is the NGN?

The Now Generation Network (NGN), an initiative by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, is a vibrant community of change-makers dedicated to shaping a brighter future for Africa. Our network comprises dynamic alumni from our fellowship and scholarship programs and a diverse group of thematic experts. Together, we're driving positive change across the continent.

What do we do?

  • Networking & collaborations: Connect with like-minded professionals and experts across various fields.
  • Leadership & innovation: Through mentorship, workshops, and collaborative projects, we nurture leadership skills and innovative thinking.
  • Advocacy & impact: Our members actively engage in policy dialogue and advocacy, shaping the future of the continent.
  • Knowledge sharing: We facilitate webinars, publish thought pieces, and share valuable insights from across the network.

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