Africa's Youth


Research and materials addressing key issues for youth from an African perspective.

The Foundation has long recognised the key role Africa’s youth have to play in shaping the continent's future. There are a number of initiatives in place to give this vital group a voice on the highest stages, including the Now Generation Network (NGN), annual forums and events, interviews & spotlights, surveys along with the Ibrahim Leadership Fellowships which identifies and mentors the future generation of outstanding African leaders.

Young Africans need to be given the chance to support and enhance the continent's recovery, by giving them a platform, and exposing them to opportunities and productive networking environments.

The Foundation has produced a range of research and materials addressing key issues on youth from an African perspective. You can find our resources on this page.


2023 Forum Report

Global Africa

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2019 Governance Report

Agendas 2063 & 2030: is Africa on track?

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2019 Forum Report

Africa’s youth: jobs or migration?

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2018 NG summary

2018 Forum Report

Public Service in Africa

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2017 Forum Report

Africa at a tipping point

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2013 Facts & Figures

Africa Ahead: the next 50 years

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2012 Facts & Figures

African Youth: fulfilling the potential

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Research briefs and papers

Africa and Europe

Facts and Figures on African Migrations

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'Updata-ing' the narrative about African migration

Data stories

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