Security & Justice in Africa


Research and materials addressing key issues on security from an African perspective.

The objectives of promoting peaceful and inclusive societies and building effective and accountable justice institutions are closely aligned with good governance, democracy and respect for human rights. The rule of law focuses on providing a peaceful and secure Africa. One where citizens are provided with more effective and secure access to justice and judicial institutions are strengthened by becoming more independent, but with transparent processes and agendas.

The law should also have zero tolerance towards unconstitutional change in government, corruption in officials and provide transparency and accountability.

The Foundation has produced a range of research and materials addressing key issues on security & justice from an African perspective. You can find our resources on this page.


2022 Index Report

2018 Forum Report

Public service in Africa

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2017 Forum Report

Africa at a tipping point

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Research briefs and papers

A coup is never a solution

Western Africa’s recent coups

Russia-Ukraine crisis

Impact on Africa

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Africa and Europe

Facts and Figures on African Migrations

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Data stories

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