Energy in Africa


Research and materials addressing key issues on energy from an African perspective.

Addressing the issue of limited access to energy is key to building a more sustainable Africa. Energy for cooking and lighting and other basic needs is a challenge for many households in Africa, despite the continent’s immense potential to generate and supply renewable energy. If efficiently harnessed, the four key renewable energy technologies of hydropower, biomass, wind and solar energy are more than enough to meet the growing energy needs.

The Foundation has produced a range of research and materials addressing key issues on energy, including renewable energy from an African perspective. You can find our resources on this page.


2024 Forum Report

Financing Africa: where is the money?

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Africa on the road to COP28

Reconciling climate & development

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The Road to COP27

Making Africa’s Case in the Global Climate Debate

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Research briefs and papers

Africa’s green & blue wealth

The continent's central role in a global low-carbon future

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Africa's critical minerals

Africa at the heart of a low-carbon future

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Addressing Africa's energy deficit

Climate change, renewables, and gas

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Facts and Figures on Climate and Energy

Data stories

External links

Mobilizing Finance for Clean Energy in Emerging Markets

MIF Board Member, Nathalie Delapalme, spoke with the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University about Africa's energy needs and closing the continent's energy gap.

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