Climate in Africa


Research and materials addressing key issues on climate from an African perspective.

It is vital to understand where Africa sits within the global climate emergency and the Foundation regularly produces a range of research and materials addressing the key issues; including the impact of the climate crisis on Africa and its people, ways in which Africa is leading in renewable energy and the key role Africa can play in advancing the global green economy. Research that the Foundation has produced for discussion at COP27, the Africa Climate Summit and COP28 from an African perspective are all available on this page.

MIF Climate research

Africa on the road to COP28

Reconciling climate & development

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The Africa Climate Summit

Reconciling global climate goals and Africa’s development agendas

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The Road to COP27

Making Africa’s Case in the Global Climate Debate

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Taking stock of progress

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Key resources

Mo Ibrahim advocates four key points ahead of Africa Climate Summit

Mo Ibrahim debates global issues ahead of COP27

Climate change adaptation in Africa: a human rights perspective

Research briefs

Addressing Africa's energy deficit

Climate change, renewables, and gas

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The human face of the climate crisis in Africa

Least responsible, Most vulnerable

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Growth without emissions?

Is carbon needed for Africa's development goals & economic growth?

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Africa's critical minerals

Africa at the heart of a low-carbon future

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Africa’s green & blue wealth

The continent's central role in a global low-carbon future

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Research spotlights

Renewable Energy in Africa

The Climate Crisis and Food Insecurity in Africa

Data stories

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