The power of data


Research and materials addressing key issues on data from an African perspective.

Data is key for Africa’s future development but data gaps remain a big concern. Without sound data, governments drive blind and there can be no sustained governance improvement nor effective policymaking.

The Foundation is at the forefront of analysing data to support governmental initiatives and strengthen the political, social, economic and environmental policies that are being made right now. The Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG), published every two years, is the most comprehensive dataset measuring African governance performance.

The Foundation also produces Data Stories which bring the data to life for specific issues - like migration - by adding illustrations and charts making the data and analysis more accessible.

Reports and papers

2022 Index Report

The Road to COP27

15 Key Recommendations from the 2022 Ibrahim Governance Forum

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2017 Facts & Figures

Africa at a tipping point

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2015 Facts & Figures

African urban dynamics

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Key resources

Strength in numbers

Africa’s data revolution

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