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Mo Ibrahim debates global issues ahead of COP27

13 October, 2022

As the next edition of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27, to be held in Sharm Al Sheik, Egypt, on November 6-18) approaches, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation’s founder and chair, Mo Ibrahim, participated in three events dedicated to discussing global issues such as the energy transition and climate justice, and the impact of current political and diplomatic instabilities across the globe.

Athens Democracy Forum

On 28 September, Mo attended and participated in the opening panel of the Athens Democracy Forum with the former prime minister of Tunisia, Mehdi Jomaa, writer and academic Yascha Mounk, and novelist and political thinker Ece Temelkuran.

The panel discussed the current state of democracy, with Mo pointing out that Africa is entitled to its own decisions and doesn't have to look to the West as a model of effective democracy.

Watch Mo in the opening panel:

Reuters Impact

On 3 October, Mo attended Reuters Impact and joined the Panel 'The Pursuit of Environmental Justice and Business's Role' along with the CEO of Africa Finance Corporation, Samaila Zubairu, and the chair of Quality of Life Foundation, Saide Morgan.

In the conversation, Mo made Africa's case for self-determination regarding its energy choices and, in particular, the need to reverse the banning of funding for natural gas projects decided in the COP26 in 2021.

He highlighted that 600 million people in Africa don't have access to electricity, and that natural gas projects will be essential if Africa is to have any hope of bridging this energy gap and accelerating future development.

Without power, you have no education, you have no jobs, you have nothing.

~Mo Ibrahim

Watch the session:

Economist Impact Sustainability Week

Mo Ibrahim was one of the speakers at the Economist Impact Sustainability Week dedicated to COP27.

Mo's presentation's theme was 'How can good governance fight climate change in Africa?', in which he discussed the impact of how sound leadership can guide African countries to a climate-resilient future. During his keynote, Mo highlighted the shortcomings of the current multilateral system, in which Africa and much of the Global South are not equally represented, suggesting that good global governance was a prerequisite to good governance in Africa.

He went on to highlight Africa’s immense potential, with 30% of the world’s mineral reserves and huge untapped renewable energy resources, noting the considerable opportunity the green economy presents on the continent provided good governance practices are implemented.

The green economy shouldn't be a punishment but an immense opportunity for Africa.

~Mo Ibrahim

Watch Mo's session:

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