MIF climate research

The Foundation has produced a range of research and materials addressing key issues for discussion at COP27, the Africa Climate Summit and COP28 from an African perspective. You can find our resources on this page.

MIF research for COP28

Africa Climate Summit

MIF research for COP27

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The Road to COP27: Making Africa's Case in the Global Climate Debate

Post-COP27 commentary

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In Pursuit of Development podcast

Mo discusses Africa's right to development.

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Economist Impact Sustainability Week

Mo Ibrahim was one of the speakers at the Economist Impact Sustainability Week dedicated to COP27.

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Athens Democracy Forum

Mo's panel discussed the current state of democracy, with Mo pointing out that Africa is entitled to its own decisions and doesn't have to look to the West as a model of effective democracy.

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Mobilizing Finance for Clean Energy in Emerging Markets

MIF Board Member, Nathalie Delapalme, spoke with the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University about Africa's energy needs and closing the continent's energy gap.

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