Agendas 2063 & 2030: is Africa on track?

The 'missing SDG': Sound Data for Governance

  • In Africa, data availability and statistical capacity remain a challenge.
  • Africa is halfway through the First Ten-year Implementation Plan (2014-2023) of the African Union’s Agenda 2063, and we are entering the last 10 years until completion of the United Nations’ SDGs.
  • As the largest source of data on African governance, the IIAG is a key tool for African countries to measure the environment around achieving these transformative agendas.
  • There is a strong relationship with governance performance and country progress towards the Agendas. IIAG Overall Governance scores are strongly correlated with the Africa SDG Index scores.
  • The ability and capacity to monitor progress, and therefore to swiftly adapt resources and policies, is critical to effectively implement Agendas 2063 and the SDGs.
  • However, almost half of the 255 targets of Agenda 2063 are not directly quantifiable, and only six of the 17 SDGs have indicators with sufficient levels of data (over 50%) to assess progress for Africa.
  • Without an effective measurement framework in place, assessing and monitoring progress towards the two Agendas is highly compromised.