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Facebook Live with Emilia Siwingwa and Georgie Ndirangu

On 22 February, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation hosted a Facebook Live session featuring Emilia Siwingwa, a human rights lawyer, and former BBC broadcaster Georgie Ndirangu, both members of the Now Generation Network. The discussion focussed on the findings of the 2022 IIAG and its implications for the African continent.

One of the highlights of the conversation was the significant improvements in the Women's Equality sub-category. Emilia noted that women are now more visible in politics, have greater access to economic opportunities, and are better able to access public services. This progress represents an important step forward in promoting gender equality and empowering women across the continent.

Another topic discussed during the session was the need for African leaders to focus on sustainability and foresight to future-proof the continent. Georgie Ndirangu argued that leaders and institutions must have the foresight to anticipate what people will need in 20 years’ time and work towards achieving those goals. This requires a long-term perspective and a commitment to investing in the future, rather than just focussing on short-term gains.

Overall, the conversation highlighted the importance of data and evidence-based decision-making in driving positive change in Africa. By using the IIAG data set to identify trends and track progress over time, policymakers and civil society organisations can work together to promote sustainable development, reduce inequality, and improve the lives of people across the region.