News & Media / Mo Ibrahim on how to counter the impact of COVID-19 in Africa for IFC insights

Mo Ibrahim on how to counter the impact of COVID-19 in Africa for IFC insights

25 June, 2020

Mo Ibrahim was this week’s guest for the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Insights series. In the interview, he speaks about how African leaders’ quick response to the rise of COVID-19 has left him impressed but cautious about the continent’s future, especially when it comes to the potential economic impact of the pandemic.

Africa had a window while the virus raced through Asia and Europe and elsewhere, and most African countries made good use of it. I am really impressed by the way African leaders stepped up, but they need to keep on their guard during the days ahead.

When asked about how Africa could emerge stronger after the pandemic, Mo Ibrahim highlighted the importance of acting together and reiterated his belief in the continent’s specific mix of resilience, dynamism and innovative spirit, mostly driven by the young majority.

Now people in Africa understand that at times like these, unless they come together and act in unity—unless they can develop strong continental and even international partnerships—they will be completely overlooked.

Read the interview in full to learn what Mo Ibrahim sees as Africa’s prospects during and after the health crisis and why strong partnerships are key for the future of the continent.

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