As the global battle to manage the pandemic continues, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation is providing regular information and research on the impact of COVID-19 in Africa and the continent’s response to this unprecedented challenge. The Foundation is committed to telling the African story of COVID-19.

MIF research and data on COVID-19 in Africa

Using data from the IIAG, COVID-19 in Africa: a challenging road to recovery outlines ten key governance challenges, across health, the economy and society, that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. It also provides new insights on the continent’s potential to respond.

The 2021 Ibrahim Forum Report, COVID-19 in Africa one year on: impact and prospects, provides a comprehensive assessment of the health, economic, social and political impacts of the pandemic in Africa, and the opportunity to define and drive a new growth model for the continent.

In 2020, the Foundation published an analysis of Africa’s readiness and capacity to manage the pandemic. It draws on a wealth of data, statistics, and information from the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) and other sources.

MIF is also publishing weekly Research Spotlights which unpack the findings of the 2021 Ibrahim Forum Report and latest developments.

2021 Ibrahim Governance Weekend (IGW)

Held in June 2021, in a virtual format for the first time, the IGW brought together leaders from across Africa and beyond to discuss the impact of the pandemic on the continent and the path to recovery. Discussions over the three days were informed by the 2021 Forum Report, a comprehensive, data-driven analysis of COVID-19’s impact in Africa.

The 2021 Now Generation Forum (NGF) convened over 100 young leaders from across Africa to discuss the same topics. NGF representatives participated in the Ibrahim Forum, ensuring that the high-level debate reflected the perspectives, expectations and experiences of the continent’s majority – its youth.

Mo concludes the weekend

Now Generation Network survey

Drawing on the views of 143 members of the Foundation’s Now Generation Network (NGN) – a group of young and mid-level career African citizens from various sectors and disciplines, representing 35 African countries – COVID-19 in Africa: what does it mean for young people? analyses youth perspectives on the challenges Africa faces as a result of COVID-19.

During 2021, the Foundation has convened a series of online discussions between the Foundation’s leadership and members of the NGN, exploring different aspects of the pandemic’s impact on young Africans and their hopes for the future.

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  COVID-19 in Africa tracker

The Foundation’s COVID-19 in Africa tracker gathers the latest data on COVID-19 cases and deaths, as well as the population coverage of the vaccine doses administered so far. It is updated every two weeks.