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2020 Ibrahim Index of African Governance: Media highlights

09 December, 2020

The 2020 Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) was launched on Monday 16 November. Following the launch of the Index, our Founder and Chair, Mo Ibrahim spoke to several media outlets about the IIAG’s updated framework and strengthened indicators, as well as key findings from the report. 

The IIAG is the most accurate picture of what is going on in Africa, based on data, not personal views or political bias.

Mo Ibrahim 

Catch up on some of Mo’s media interviews below. 

Mo Ibrahim Speaks on Annual Report, Governance Progress in Africa and the Impact of COVID-19, VOA

African countries not progressing in good governance – report, Africanews  

We have done well in the area of education and health, but this doesn't mean that we neglect other areas, like human rights, participation. There is no trade-off, it does not mean that because I'm giving you more bread then I have a right to beat you up.

Global Business, CTGN Africa 

Overall governance has indeed progressed over the decade, and, in 2019, 6 out 10 Africa’s citizens are living in a country where governance is better than in 2010. However, progress has been slowing down since 2015. And this has worryingly come to the point where, in 2019, for the first time, governance performance on the continent registers a decline.

Mo Ibrahim: "It is crucial to restore confidence as quickly as possible", Le Point 

Governance is not just about respect for democracy, the law and transparency. It is the capacity of states to deliver all the goods and services to which every citizen is entitled to claim. When we look in more detail at the developments over the decade 2010-2019, we see that the undeniable progress made since 2010 in terms of human development and economic opportunities has started to slow down.

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