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Fourth round of Africa Integrity Indicators data now available

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Global Integrity is an independent, nonprofit organisation tracking governance and corruption trends around the world using local teams of researchers and journalists to monitor openness and accountability. They are one of the source providers for data in the IIAG.

11 May, 2016

The fourth round of Global Integrity’s Africa Integrity Indicators (AII) research is now available.

The Africa Integrity Indicators is an annual undertaking and one of the 33 independent, external data sources of the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG). Global Integrity entered into partnership with MIF in 2012, and has since then collected and published four rounds of data through its network of more than 200 in-country researchers and journalists on the African continent.

By measuring both the existing legal framework and the ‘in practice’ implementation, AII data is designed to help in-country stakeholders, in and outside of government, to identify positive trends as well as areas for improvement for subsequent reform efforts. The rich data set is unique in that it assesses national-level performance on key open governance indicators throughout 54 countries in Africa, also providing a strong foundation for cross-country comparative analysis on the basis of qualitative benchmarks measuring social, economic, political and anti-corruption mechanisms across the continent.

The assessment covers de jure and de facto questions about the rule of law, accountability, elections, public management, civil service integrity, access to information, as well as social issues, from minority rights to gender, welfare, health, education and civil registration.

Review process

The published data is the result of a rigorous review and quality check process by researchers and a panel of expert peer reviewers, and Global Integrity is confident of its quality and usability. Beginning with the fourth round, Global Integrity is also offering a window to potential users and interested parties to provide correction information, should they identify any substantive inaccuracies. If you have any such information to send, please enter them enter them online by 31 May, 2016. Guidelines on how to navigate this process can be found on the Global Integrity website.

In addition to the IIAG, the Africa Integrity Indicators research is also currently used by the World Bank’s Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) and by the Millennium Challenge Corporation, among others. The detailed data is also designed to be relevant to in-country reformers, and Global Integrity welcomes the opportunity to discuss its data with interested stakeholders, exploring in more detail how it may most effectively support open governance efforts in your country. Feel free to contact the Africa Integrity Indicators team at [email protected].

More information about Global Integrity’s methodology, as well as an overview of the Indicators, is available in the links below.

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