2007 Ibrahim Laureate - President Joaquim Alberto Chissano

Joaquim Alberto Chissano
Ibrahim Laureate
Presidential term
Overall governance during term
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Mozambique change in score is from 2000 (initial year of the IIAG). From 2000 to 2005, Mozambique's overall governance score improved by +3.3 points, driven by gains in all four dimensions; Safety & Rule of Law (+0.9), Participation & Human Rights (+1.2), Sustainable Economic Opportunity (+2.5) and Human Development (+8.5).

Highlights – timeline

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Citation & Achievements

“President Chissano received the inaugural Ibrahim Prize for his achievements in bringing peace, reconciliation, stable democracy and economic progress to Mozambique following the civil war.”

“It is in his role in leading Mozambique from conflict to peace and democracy that President Chissano has made his most outstanding contribution.”

“During his presidency, he contributed to the development of Africa. He was a powerful voice for Africa on the international stage and played an important role in pushing debt relief up the agenda.”

Life after National Office

After retiring from office, Chissano was appointed as Special Envoy of the UNSG for the 2005 Summit to review the Implementation of the Millenium Declaration. Later, he was first appointed as Special Envoy of the UNSG to Guinea-Bissau, Democratic Republic of Congo, and LRA affected areas in Uganda. He was also appointed ‘SADC’ Mediator for Madagascar in June 2009. He is the Special Envoy of the AU for Western Sahara.

Currently, he is the Chairperson of the Joaquim Chissano Foundation and the Forum of Former African Heads of State and Government.

Chissano is an active board member of associations such as The Hunger Project, Peace Parks Foundation, International Crisis Group, CPLP (Portuguese Spoken Countries Community), Club of Madrid and the Global Partnership Youth Ambassador. He is one of the Champions for a HIV-free Generation, an initiative launched by President Festus Mogae.