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Statement on the one-year anniversary of war in Sudan

15 April, 2024

Today marks one year since the beginning of the current conflict in Sudan, resulting in one of the world’s most severe humanitarian crises: 9 million refugees and internally displaced people, millions at risk of acute food insecurity and famine – and tens of thousands of lives already lost.

The world is facing many challenges, but we must ensure that the people of Sudan are not forgotten. Events in Ukraine and now Gaza have captured the attention of the world, while Sudan’s collapse has become just another far-away war.

The international community must meet its responsibility to the men, women and children of Sudan and ensure that the critical aid shortfall, including in food aid, is urgently addressed. The friends of Sudan engaged in trying to bring this conflict to a close must redouble their efforts.

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation is calling for an immediate ceasefire, in order to avoid the fragmentation of the country and the escalation of the humanitarian disaster, in parallel with the continued search for a political solution.

Mo Ibrahim Foundation

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