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Mo Ibrahim Foundation website: 2024 update

30 April, 2024

Today the Mo Ibrahim Foundation (MIF) has launched a newly designed website, and with it an updated visual identity.

Since its inception, MIF has focussed on the critical importance of governance and leadership for Africa. It is still our conviction that governance and leadership lie at the heart of any tangible and shared improvement in the quality of life of African citizens.

MIF is an African organisation providing an African voice on the challenges the world faces today. As our work has broadened, so has our mission: to strengthen the African voice on global challenges. This mission is more important than ever, as the effects of the climate crisis, economic turmoil and geopolitical tensions continue to ricochet around the world.

Our work provides data and analysis to assess these global challenges at the continental level, bringing together African stakeholders, including its youth, to discuss potential solutions, grounded in sound leadership and governance.

Our initiatives and programmes inform discussions, convene stakeholders, and foster Africa’s future leaders.

Mo Ibrahim Foundation visual identity - MIF design team

The refreshed MIF visual identity consists of a redesigned logo which maintains its colourful band but incorporates a new typographic design. It has evolved in a way to still be recognisably Mo Ibrahim Foundation but also be more adaptable, dynamic and exist effectively in the digital world.

Emphasis has been put on bringing colour at the forefront in an effective way. To achieve this, the original palette has been enriched with more subtle tones, tints of some colours as well as some extra bright colours to allow flexibility and more options in final use.

The newest addition to the MIF visual identity is the ‘Afro font’, designed by the Foundation’s in-house design team. Inspired by African fabric patterns, traditional wall paintings and drawings, the Afro font is a set of letterforms to accompany the rest of the MIF brand elements. It aims to bring to the visual identity some characteristics of African art: the emphasis in geometric shapes, patterns and stylised forms, as well as to reflect Africa’s vibrant culture.

New idintity

The Afro font is a dynamic tool that works effectively both as a static element or in animated compositions. It can be used as a display font or a tool to generate patterns.

MIF’s visual identity is now a flexible system. A refreshed language capable of articulating different messages in different ways, to different audiences, in different circumstances.

Above all, it is produced to align with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation’s mission – Strengthening the African voice on global challenges.

MIF’s new website and brand enables our voice to be clear and our resources more easily available, with reports, papers and spotlights at the heart of our mission to strengthen the African voice on global challenges.

A new Topics section highlights the focus areas of the Foundation’s work, including governance, climate change, migration and data gaps amongst others, while our initiatives and programmes are more clearly accessible and visible in a revised ‘what we do’ section.

A new brand portal can be found on our media resource page with logos, images of key MIF people and other assets. We hope you enjoy exploring the new site and discovering more of the Foundation’s work.

Please get in touch if you have any enquiries or comments.

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