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Mo Ibrahim: Thank you Macky Sall

05 July, 2023

President Macky Sall has served his country well for the last ten years, and his continent as well as a committed Chair of the African Union.

One of his first decisions when he took the helm of his country was to reduce the presidential term from 7 to 5 years. There has been a lot of speculations since as to whether he would run for a third mandate. He stayed true to his word and delivered yesterday a forceful speech ending all these speculations, and hopefully also ending all needless confrontations. He declared that his country is bigger than his person, and that there is no shortage of capable Senegalese women or men able to lead the country.

I wish to salute President Macky Sall's integrity and statesmanship. I hope our continent, and this globalised world, will from now on benefit from his wisdom, experience , and forceful voice.

~Mo Ibrahim

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