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An African Union seat at the G20 would be in Europe’s interests too

Mo Ibrahim co-signed an article with Open Society Foundations President Mark Malloch-Brown making a case for a permanent seat to the African Union at the G20, the international forum of the 20 biggest global economies.

Mo and Malloch-Brown state that it's time to finally implement the idea presented last year by Senegal, considering that since then the proposition has already gathered the support of countries such as the USA, China, France and Germany.

The article highlights the importance of having the European Union backing the idea as well, pointing out that the European Council summit to be held from 29-30 June is an ideal moment for the EU to agree on the bid.

Ours is a world of multiple inter-locking crises; of escalating economic, geopolitical, climate, and humanitarian emergencies reinforcing each other. Tensions between the US and China threaten at best a merely more fragmented global order, and at worst catastrophic conflict.

Multilateralism is on the back foot and the Bretton Woods architecture looks ever-more outdated. How can we expect to tackle these crises without African voices at the table?