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Enhanced Ibrahim Index Data Portal

04 April, 2022

Data journalists, researchers, African citizens, civil society organisations and all those interested in the benchmarking of public governance in Africa are invited to explore the updated Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) Data Portal. 

The Data Portal is an interactive presentation of the IIAG, a comprehensive dataset measuring the governance performance of each of the 54 African nations. The Index provides scores, ranks and trends for a wide range of governance dimensions, from rule of law and rights to health and economic opportunity, over a ten-year period.

The new features, which enhance interaction and exploration of this vast dataset, include:

  • Country Profiles that summarise each nation’s performance in the Ibrahim Index during the last decade. Through charts and tables, users can explore the data behind each country’s overall governance and category scores, and see how these compare to continental averages. 
  • Measure Pages that allow users to easily contrast the performances of each African nation across the full range of measures used in the Ibrahim Index. Starting at category level, users can drill down into sub-categories, indicators and sub-indicators, exploring the most improved and most deteriorated countries at each level. 

A video showcasing these features can be viewed below. 

The Foundation will be announcing further updates to the Data Portal in the coming months, ahead of the launch of the next dataset in November 2022. 

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