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Mo Ibrahim on youth innovation and leadership in Africa

25 November, 2021

On 16 November, Mo Ibrahim delivered the 25th Bradford Development lecture on 'Youth Innovation and Leadership in Africa'. This event was hosted by the Department of Peace Studies and International Development at the University of Bradford. 

Mo Ibrahim’s lecture covered a wide range of topics from the impact of COVID-19 on Africa’s health and education sectors to threats to democracy and shrinking civic space across the continent. 

He outlined why, as Africa recovers from COVID-19, young people must be at the centre of the continent’s transformation and development. 

We need to invest in our youth because they are the best asset Africa has. 

In a lively exchange with young Africans, who shared their experiences from across the continent, Mo Ibrahim urged them to take the lead in solving Africa's biggest challenges and in creating the future they want to see. 

Youth of Africa are much better qualified than our generation; you have the opportunity to do what we failed to do. 


Watch the full lecture below

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