News & Media / Mo Ibrahim and African voices on climate change

Mo Ibrahim and African voices on climate change

15 September, 2021

On 14 September, Mo Ibrahim addressed Climate, Conflict & Demography in Africa, which was jointly hosted by Africa Confidential, International Crisis Group and the Royal African Society. The event brought together prominent speakers and experts from across Africa and beyond to debate the impact of climatic and demographic trends on the continent. 

Mo delivered a keynote address to open the conference’s third session, which focussed on amplifying African perspectives on climate change. This session explored ways in which African countries and institutions can use their collective voice to best influence global climate debates. 

Mo highlighted that:  

There are a lot of similarities between COVID-19 and climate change so far, as both are global challenges, and both have no borders.

Emphasising the need for coordinated global action to tackle such challenges, he said:

COVID-19 has revealed a lack of global cooperation and vaccine nationalism. We will not be able to deal with climate change if we continue to act in this regrettable way

Watch the full discussion below. Mo's address starts at 04:50.