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What we’re reading, 18 May 2020

Each week the Foundation highlights a number of media articles that we have found interesting and relevant to governance in Africa. Sharing here is not an endorsement of the views linked, but a spur for further discussion. Join that discussion by engaging with one of our social media accounts, linked at the top of this page.

COVID-19: Africa dodged first bullet but hard times ahead

The World Health Organization has warned that between 83,000 and 190,000 people in Africa could die of COVID-19 and between 29 million and 44 million could be infected in the first year of the pandemic, if containment measures fail.

Eritrean activists sue EU over ‘Forced Labour Project’

A group of Eritrean human rights activists based in Holland are suing the European Union, demanding it stop funding for a project to build a road between Eritrea and Ethiopia which is allegedly being carried out by forced labour.

Mozambique court annuls loans of $1.4bn

The Citizen (South Africa) reported that Mozambique’s constitutional court has declared void two loans worth more than $1 billion in debt, at the heart of a “hidden debt” scandal that triggered economic collapse in the country.

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