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Research on Africa: latest publications, May 2020

The Foundation regularly receives and monitors external research publications, databases, and reports in relation to governance and leadership in Africa. Every two months, we share some of these publications to highlight key issues and further discussions. Sharing this content here is not an endorsement of these views.

First continental report on the implementation of Agenda 2063

African Union & African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD)

This is the first continental-level report that consolidates progress reports from 31 out of 55 AU Members States, covering 56% of the continent, and six Regional Economic Communities (RECs). The report presents an analysis of progress made on the implementation of Agenda 2063 against 2019 targets.

Lived poverty on the rise: Decade of living-standard gains ends in Africa


To prevent squandering of hard-won gains in Africans’ living standards, the data point to the necessity of a renewed commitment by citizens, governments, and international donors to defending democracy and expanding service-delivery infrastructure.

African Youth Survey 2020: The Rise of Afro-Optimism

Ichikowitz Family Foundation

Young Africans see infectious disease and terrorism as the continent’s two biggest threats of the last five years, but the future priorities being defined by reducing government corruption, creating job opportunities and by achieving peace and stability.

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