News & Media / Research on Africa: latest publications, July 2020

Research on Africa: latest publications, July 2020

29 July, 2020

The Foundation regularly publishes ​a selection of the most relevant indices, reports and databases that contribute to enriching the data landscape and provide key analysis on governance and leadership in Africa. Sharing this content here is not an endorsement of these views.

Getting Ahead of the Curve: Exploring post-COVID-19 trends and their impact on anti-corruption, governance and development

Transparency International

The report looks at possible anti-corruption, governance and development effects of COVID-19 in ten areas of social, political and economic life – from checks and balances to big tech companies and non-state actors to international affairs.

Sub-Saharan Africa's Food Systems and COVID-19: Emerging Evidence

The Food and Land Use Coalition

This brief presents a framework for understanding COVID-19 impacts on food systems and highlights plans to foster more resilient food systems in the region.

COVID-19 Regional Safety Assessment

Deep Knowledge Group

The COVID-19 Regional Safety Assessment analyses and ranks the economic, social and health stability achieved by 200 regions against the global health and economic crisis triggered by COVID-19.

Selected reports

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