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Statement on the situation in Sudan

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation salutes the courage and resilience of the people of Sudan, who have unwaveringly sustained, since last December, a decentralised and peaceful popular uprising throughout the entire country. The people of Sudan stood up for democracy and ended Omar al-Bashir and his Islamicist brutal and corrupt regime’s iron fist hold on the country and its citizens.

The Foundation wishes to salute in particular the Sudanese women, who have, from the beginning been at the forefront of the people’s uprising. They now must play a major leadership role in the new Sudan.

Mo Ibrahim, Chair of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, said: “Sudan is at a critical turning point in its history. While we welcome the change in leadership, we cannot forget that a military council is not the right answer for sound governance. We insist that ultimately democratic civilian rule is the proper way to ensure peace and development for the Sudanese people.”