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What we’re reading, 21 October 2019

Each week the Foundation highlights a number of media articles that we have found interesting and relevant to governance in Africa. Sharing here is not an endorsement of the views linked, but a spur for further discussion. Join that discussion by engaging with one of our social media accounts, linked at the top of this page.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to international cooperation, particularly for improving relations with Eritrea and liberalising the political system in Ethiopia.

Mozambique: Vote counting marred by allegations of rigging by Renamo leader

Vote counting for the presidential elections in Mozambique, held earlier this week, has been marred by allegations of rigging by Renamo party leader, Ossufo Momade.

Sudan: AfDB provides $31.3 million for drinking water in North and South Kordofan

Afrik21 (pan-African) reported that the African Development Bank (AfDB) has allocated 31.3 million dollars to finance a rural drinking water and sanitation project in Sudan.

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