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Foundation congratulates Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for winning the Nobel Peace Prize

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation congratulates Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali for being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2019. We applaud his role leading the move towards a more peaceful and integrated continent.

As Ethiopia’s Prime Minister he spearheaded improvements in longstanding strained relations with his neighbour, Eritrea. As Chair of IGAD, he also played a key role in Sudan’s political transition. We are confident that these will help to increase the region’s security and unlock its potential. These moves will augment opportunities for regional, political and economic cooperation, which will benefit the Horn of Africa and the continent as a whole.

Mo Ibrahim, Chair of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation said:

As a Sudanese, I am proud of his key role as a mediator during Sudan’s political crisis earlier this year. Thanks to that, and to others, Sudan is at the cusp of a key dawn of transformative governance.

The Foundation looks forward to being hosted by Ethiopia for the 2020 Ibrahim Governance Weekend.