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Mo Honoured on list of '25 Faces of the New Africa'

Mo has received the accolade of being named one of ’25 Faces of the New Africa’ in recognition of his achievements in business across the African continent and for creating a foundation to promote good governance in Africa.

Online business magazine BRICS is paying tribute to the achievements of African entrepreneurs for making a positive difference across Africa and across the globe through their innovations impacting the global business arena. The Global publication, which has as its tag line: Bridging Communities, Guiding Investors, Leading Nations said it was not seeking to offer readers an exhaustive list of the many that have contributed, and continue to contribute, to improving Africa’s image.

“When selecting candidates to be included, we prioritised businesspeople representing innovative areas of the economy, and who operate concurrently in several markets. If there is one thing that all of them know for certain, it is that Africa’s future remains in its own hands”, added BRICS.