2019 Ibrahim Governance Weekend

2019 Ibrahim Governance Weekend

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

The Ibrahim Governance Weekend (IGW) brings together leading voices from across Africa and beyond to discuss issues of critical importance to the continent’s progress.

The 2019 Forum discussions were dedicated to African migrations.

Migration, whether referring to economic migrants or refugees, is currently triggering emotional and political reactions, especially outside the continent, that often are fragmented or overlook the real dynamics. Hence the interest of an African-led, fact-based, frank and open discussion, de-linked from any partisan agenda.

Contrary to common perceptions, African migrations are mainly internal and driven by economic prospects rather than just conflict or climate hazards. These flows are fuelled by lacking sustainable economic opportunities and employment prospects, in the only continent left where youth, already the overwhelming majority of the population, is still expanding.

Along with policies to update skills, in order to equip the working age population for the expected job market changes, and to strengthen mobility within the continent, mitigation policies should also make sure that no one is left behind.

2019 IGW highlights

2019 IGW events

African Leadership Ceremony

Friday, 5 April

The Ibrahim Prize celebrates excellence in African leadership. It is awarded to a former Executive Head of State or Government by an independent Prize Committee.

The Leadership Ceremony celebrates the Ibrahim Laureates and, if the Prize has been awarded that year, gives the opportunity to honour the new Laureate.

This year we also celebrated the life of Kofi Annan, a great African leader.

2019 Leadership Ceremony highlights

Ibrahim Forum

Saturday, 6 April

The debate was organised around three sessions. Each session was joined by a representative of the Now Generation Forum, held the day before on the same topic. This ensured that the discussion reflected the expectations and proposals of the continent’s majority: the young people.

We had a diverse line-up of speakers representing civil society, the private sector, multilateral and regional institutions as well as Africa’s major international partners.

Mo's thoughts on the 2019 Ibrahim Forum Report

Forum session 1

Focus: Setting the picture right on African migrations

Mo Ibrahim in conversation with Amina J. Mohammed

Forum session 2

Focus: The African youth bulge confronted by a jobless growth.

Mo Ibrahim in conversation with Aliko Dangote

Forum session 3

Focus: The way forward: bolstering mobility, updating skills, sharing responsibilities.

Mo Ibrahim in conversation with H.E. President Alassane Ouattara

Now Generation Forum

Friday, 5 April

Ahead of the Ibrahim Forum, African emerging leaders and young professionals convened for the Now Generation Forum (NGF). The NGF seeks to gather the youth perspectives on the themes being discussed at the Ibrahim Forum. Outcomes from this event were shared at the Ibrahim Forum by selected representatives from the group.

2019 NGF highlights


Sunday, 7 April

As part of the Ibrahim Governance Weekend celebrations a spectacular public concert took place at the Palais de la Culture, showcasing some of the best performers of the continent including Youssou NDour and Fally Ipupa.

2019 concert highlights


2019 Forum Report

Africa’s youth: jobs or migration?

Download file (PDF)

2019 Forum Summary

2019 NGF Summary

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