2011 Ibrahim Governance Weekend

2011 Ibrahim Governance Weekend

Tunis, Tunisia

The Ibrahim Governance Weekend (IGW) brings together leading voices from across Africa and beyond to discuss issues of critical importance to the continent’s progress.

The forum theme in 2011 was African Agriculture: From Meeting Needs to Creating Wealth.

Focussing on the challenges associated with feeding and employing a growing population and the prospects for growth and investment, the 2011 Facts & Figures document addressed the potential of African agriculture.

2011 IGW events

African Leadership Ceremony

Saturday, 12 November

The Ibrahim Prize was awarded to former Cape Verde President Pedro de Verona Rodrigues Pires.

2011 Prize Ceremony

Ibrahim Forum

Sunday, 13 November

A range of stakeholders from government, civil society and the private sector gathered to discuss African agriculture, with focus on the huge opportunities and potential that lie at the heart of the agricultural sector. In the context of global issues regarding sustainability, volatile food and energy prices, climate change and their impact on the continent, consensus was reached on the importance of Africa achieving food security at the regional and continental level.

Agriculture was reinforced as a key driver in the economic transformation of the continent. Requiring exceptional leadership and collaboration between the public and private sector, challenges in areas such as infrastructure, capital and technology were discussed. Furthermore with continental policies such as the Maputo Declaration and frameworks such as CAADP already in place, heavy emphasis was placed on implementation and commitment from all stakeholders.

2011 Facts & Figures

African Agriculture: from meeting needs to creating wealth

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Friday, 11 November

'Africa Celebrates Democracy' concert featuring local and continental artists.

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