Anta Taal

Anta Taal

2019 ITC Fellow

MSc in International Trade and Industrial Development - Mo Ibrahim Fellow- IFC-Milken’s Fellow.

Economist/Senior Public Sector expert with 14 years post-graduate experience leading critical public sector reforms in the areas of Public administration, Fiscal reforms focusing mainly on modernisation of Tax administration, Resource mobilisation, Budgets management processes, Public Finance Management, Public Procurement, State Owned Enterprise Reforms, Digital Economy with focus on strategies and reform policies, legal and regulatory reforms and establishing good governance frameworks, Capital Markets. Trade and MSME Expert.

An integral part of Anta's professional experience involves Public Sector reforms; Project preparation, development and management of World Bank-financed operations with The Gambia’s Ministry of Finance, and with International Trade Center (ITC), Geneva. She has also worked for the Ministry of Trade and Industrial Development and the Ministry of Economic Planning. 

  • Country: The Gambia
  • Current base: The Gambia