The Mo Ibrahim Foundation is an African foundation, established in 2006 with one focus: the critical importance of governance and leadership for Africa. It is our belief that governance and leadership lie at the heart of any tangible and shared improvement in the quality of life of African citizens.

Ibrahim Index of African Governance

The IIAG is an annual statistical assessment of the quality of governance in every african country.

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IIAG downloads

Download the 2018 report and other key documents.

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Online Data Portal

Explore all the IIAG data to Indicator level in our online Data Portal.

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Ibrahim Prize

The Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership celebrates excellence in African leadership. It is awarded to a former Executive Head of State or Government by an independent Prize Committee.

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Prize Laureates

Find out about past winners of the Prize.

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Prize Committee

Find out about who sits on the independent Prize Committee.

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Ibrahim Governance Weekend

The Ibrahim Governance Weekend is the flagship event of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, held every year in a different African country.

This three-day event convenes prominent African political and business leaders, representatives from civil society, multilateral and regional institutions as well as Africa’s major international partners to debate issues of critical importance to Africa.

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Ibrahim Forum

The Ibrahim Forum is an annual high-level discussion forum convened around one specific issue of critical importance to Africa that demands committed leadership and sound governance. Each year it takes place in a different African country.

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Forum downloads

Find Forum Reports and other documents to download.

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Ibrahim Fellowships

The Ibrahim Leadership Fellowships form a selective programme designed to mentor future African leaders. The Fellows receive mentoring from the current leaders of key multilateral institutions.

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Current Fellows

Learn more about the current Fellows.

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The Mo Ibrahim Foundation supports scholarships at three institutions each year. Find out about them here.

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