COVID-19 in Africa tracker

The Foundation’s COVID-19 in Africa tracker gathers the latest data on COVID-19 cases, deaths, as well as the population coverage of the vaccine doses administered so far. It is updated every two weeks.

The data on COVID-19 cases and deaths is collected from the COVID-19 Data Repository by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE). The data on vaccines is collected from the Bloomberg COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker.

Last updated: 9 September 2021

COVID-19 cases and deaths in Africa

Highest number of new cases per 1M population

Seychelles 307.1
Botswana 274.2
Mauritius 190.4
Libya 190.3
Cabo Verde 188.6

Lowest number of new cases per 1M population

Central African Republic 0.0
Congo Republic 0.0
Lesotho 0.0
Tanzania 0.0
Madagascar 0.1

Population coverage of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered

Burundi and Eritrea have yet to start their COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, maintaining the total of African countries to have started their campaigns at 52.

Seychelles (74.7%) has the 16th highest population coverage in the world, yet 39 African countries are still in the bottom 50 with a population coverage lower than 9.5%.

In terms of the absolute number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered, Morocco ranks first in Africa and 25th globally (more than 35 million) and maintains the third highest population coverage (49.9%) on the continent.

Africa: highest population coverage of COVID-19 vaccine dose administered (%)

Seychelles 74.7
Mauritius 61.8
Morocco 49.9
Cabo Verde 28.1
Tunisia 26.3

Africa: lowest population coverage of COVID-19 vaccine dose administered (%)

DR Congo 0.1
Chad 0.2
South Sudan 0.2
Burkina Faso 0.3
Tanzania 0.3