Zeinab Badawi

Zeinab Badawi was born in the Sudan. She has a BA Hons degree from Oxford University, where she is an honorary fellow, and an MA awarded with a distinction from SOAS, London University.

In addition to a long broadcast career Zeinab is President of SOAS, a member of the high-level group of the Africa-Europe Foundation, a board member of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation and the Royal Foundation of the Prince and Princess of Wales. She is a member of the advisory boards of Afro-Barometer and MINDS - the Mandela Institute for Development Studies, and sits on the Council of the UK’s Arts, Humanities and Research Council of the British government.

Zeinab has received many awards such as the Sir Brian Urquhart Award for distinguished service to the UN, the British Academy’s President Award for services to international broadcasting and female education and the Royal African Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award for services to Africa. She has received several honorary doctorates.