The Foundation’s research team is primarily focused on producing two major annual publications, the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG), and a research report to accompany the Forum at the Foundation’s annual Governance Weekend, which is focussed on a different topic every year. Previous topics include Africa’s urbanisation, youth and agriculture.

Key research documents


The Foundation also produces research outside of these major products on issues surrounding the focus of the Foundation’s work.

Other research documents

Each month we highlight reports relating to African governance we have found interesting. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors and not the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, and listing here is not an endorsement of any views therein.

This year’s African Economic Outlook examines recent macroeconomic developments and the outlook in Africa, focusing on the implications of external imbalances for growth and the financial and monetary challenges of integration. It further discusses employment creation through the analysis of firm dynamism and explores the economics of regional integration in Africa and the policies that can make it deliver economic prosperity.

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The annual Foresight Africa report aims at helping policymakers and Africa watchers to stay ahead of the trends and developments impacting the continent. The 2019 Foresight Africa report features six overarching themes with recommendations for tackling the related challenges: good governance, debt and resource mobilisation, Africa’s youth dividend, state fragility, Africa’s business potential and trade and investment.

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The policy paper The Future of Mobility and Migration Within and From Sub-Saharan Africa analyses, with a European-centred view, data and drivers of African mobility and suggests that no dramatic but only slight changes in the sources, directions and the nature of migration within and from sub-Saharan Africa are to be expected, yet puts forward three variables that could shape migration outcomes: economic equality in Africa, Europe’s willingness to accept significant numbers of African migrants, African strategies to regulate movement. The topic of African migrations is timely as it will form the basis of the Foundation’s Ibrahim Forum discussions at the annual Ibrahim Governance Weekend in April.

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Selected reports published in January